The components of a vertical Drainergy

  • an outer plastic housing
  • a standard copper drainpipe 
  • the double wall slit sleeve
  • spacer/centering rings 
  • a one piece encircling O-ring seal that creates a water-tight chamber between water fittings, sleeve and housing and is compressed in place at the final assembly step.

A horizontal Drainergy with its outer plastic housing slid open to show the copper double wall and the encircling, one-piece O-ring that creates the heat transfer water chamber between the water fittings and is compressed on the last assembly step.


A view through a horizontal Drainergy showing the hybrid drainpipe made of a rolled sheet copper ‘trough’, sealed along both edges to the upper plastic tube segment. The rolled copper double wall below is not visible.

Horizontal Drainergy showing the rotatable cold water inlet-outlet water fittings.


Vertical HeatBank includes an outer water storage tank (of any volume) with an upper outlet for the pre-heated water. 

Inside is a Drainergy that has convection/mass transfer holes into the tank with floating sheet polyethylene valve strips. 

The Drainergy extends through bottom and has the cold water inlet that flows only through the Drainergy, not into the tank. 

A standard copper drainpipe has the inlet and outlet ends exposed for clamped couplings.

Horizontal HeatBank looks the same as the vertical but internally is very different. Unlike the vertical, which is limited by ceiling height, it can be any length, and multiples can be joined zig-zag fashion, vertically or horizontally for increased performance.


HeatClamp is simply clamped to the lower surface of a standard horizontal drainpipe while the drainpipe remains in full operation. Two would be used to encircle a vertical drainpipe.

The HeatClamp housing (shown as clear) is a segment of standard PVC/ABS plastic pipe with inlet-outlet water fittings (one visible), and the inner copper trough and the O-ring seal. The safety double wall is not visible. The required multiple screw-type hose clamps are also not shown.