Demonstration of the 650°C ( 1,200°F) mid-sir ‘furnace’ that is created when two or more opposing external, adjustable, solenoid-valved, fuel-oxygen nozzles send jets to collide on centre. External spark ignition produces a continuous blast of expanding red hot exhaust  that entirely and instantly melts the surface only of any size components of any thermoplastic at any a material temperature (i.e. chilled for stiffness/expansion).

Dans FireWeld, un espace entre les surfaces thermoplastiques devient un four où le carburant et l'oxygène sont mélangés/injectés et allumés pour produire un échappement chaud qui se dilate de manière omnidirectionnelle pour faire fondre l'intégralité des deux surfaces qui sont immédiatement pressées ensemble pour fusionner/souder. Tout est fait en quelques secondes.

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In FireWeld, a gap between the thermoplastic components becomes a furnace when opposing jets of fuel and oxygen collide and mix at centre where an external spark ignites it to produce hot exhaust that expands omnidirectionally. In seconds both surfaces are entirety melted. and immediately forced together to fuse/consolidate and weld.

 Components or outer surfaces may be cooled/frozen to limit mass heating effects and to maintain stiffness.

Opposing Hot Air Guns, simultaneous ‘on’ 

Gap under suspended upper component

Blast shields restrains side flow