GreenBack Waste Heat Recyclers for HVAC

    Waste heat recyclers are indoor plumbing devices that heat (or cool) water or air. They can pass all waste water including toilet solids.

    In some jurisdictions they are mandatory for new construction.


Currently available waste heat recyclers: 

  •     work only with showers and running sinks (not with dish- or clothes washer-dryers);
  •     are made entirely of expensive copper; 
  •     have a small thermal contact area and low thermal contact conductance that degrades with time; 
  •     are only for vertical use, limiting building type / size;
  •     create troublesome water pressure drop;
  •     are heavy to handle and ship 
  •     are subject to catastrophic damage from dents in the exposed tubes; and
  •     are non-serviceable

    all making for low performance, low margins, and low market penetration, even after 20+ years.

GreenBack Features 

    A patented hybrid construction uses lower-cost plastic to contain the water pressure. Less copper is needed and its entire surface is in high pressure thermal contact conductance with the drainpipe. The all-important, non-stop, rate-of-heat-transfer (Q) is therefore much higher. 

In addition: 

  •     there are vertical and horizontal versions 
  •     they can be made in any size, from one for a single sink up to an entire hotel   
  •     requires no power or maintenance, and has no wearing parts
  •     double-walled and vented for safety and code compliance.

These features result in lower cost, higher performance and faster payback, and in turn, wider market penetration, more money in circulation and more climate benefits.


GreenBack Advantages

  •     made without weld or solder joints, adhesives, fasteners or expensive equipment  
  •     made from widely available materials using low-skill labour and processes. 
  •     minimal capital investment required
  •     low shipping weight
  •     inherently protected from handling and shipping damage
  •     can be disassembled
  •     commercialization investment widely available

Three GreenBack Models - Any Length Any Diameter

    1. Drainergy for sink and shower instantaneous heat recycling. It replaces a section of the fixture’s drainpipe, or a section of the building’s final drainpipe, or both. 

    Drainergy transfers heat immediately from flowing drainwater to flowing cold water feeding a faucet or water heater in what is known as ‘continuous flow heat recovery’.  

    Lowest cost. For new construction, renovation, and energy upgrading. 

    2. HeatBank for all waste heat (or cold) from all water or air/vent/exhaust sources. It plumbs into a building’s drainpipe. 

    HeatBank has built-in thermal energy storage (or ‘cold storage’ for refrigeration).

    For the first time ever, waste heat from baths, dish- and clothes washers, as well as from the vents of clothes dryers, ventilators and flues can be recycled. 

    In a world first, this breakthrough invention automatically recycles all waste heat, either continuously/immediately (like a Drainergy), or by temporarily storing the heat until the next hot water use. 

    The breakthrough is that cold drainwater cannot cool the stored heat (or vice versa). 

    3. HeatClamp for sink and shower (known a ‘continuous flow’) for immediate recycling where cold water is entering the water heater (or cooler) while the drain water is flowing through the drain. 

    A HeatClamp fits over an existing drainpipe.   

    Lowest cost for renovation and energy upgrading. 

    It is essentially half a Drainergy that is simply clamped around any drainpipe while it remains in full use, One HeatClamp for the bottom half of a horizontal drainpipe, and two for a vertical. 

Photos, video, data, and detailed Know-how on fabrication available

 Prototypes available at reasonable cost

Patent numbers: CDN 2,927,158; 2,742,075. USA 9,982,950; 10,816,272 (Oct 2020)