Three Waste Heat Recyclers

‍    The largest contributor to global warming is the energy used by everyone, everyday, everywhere in every building wherein heating cold water is the single largest combined energy+power+cost+pollution contributor. 

‍    That is because we all use hot water and heat cold water at the same time using monster 4,500 watt heaters.

‍    This unique simultaneous and massive energy use necessitates expensive peak-power output (see graph) with high transmission losses. Then we just drain away all that expensive heat as though it were worthless. 


‍ Peak power is driven by water heating

‍    In apartment and condo buildings, hotels, hospitals, schools, etc., high volumes of gas are burned in water heaters and furnaces that simultaneously exhaust tons of hot, moist, acidic and toxic gases into the morning air to initiate deadly smog. 

‍    Global warming, smog, pollution, carbon release, direct environment heating, more power- and peak-power plants, nuclear plants and waste, coal mining, gas pipelines and leaks… all to provide valuable energy that is wasted in drains and vents from every building everyday everywhere.


‍    But now we can recycle waste heat to preheat that cold water which then needs less energy to get hot faster so fewer heaters are on at the same time reducing peak demand, global warming, energy costs and pollution 24/7. 

‍    Can’t get much better than that. 

    Our high-performance waste heat recyclers require no power, have no wearing parts, and require no maintenance. There are vertical and horizontal versions to maximize installations They can be made in any size: for a sink, for a shower or for a whole house or commercial / institutional building.


    The three models:      Photos

  • 1. Drainergy recycles heat immediately when both hot- and drain water are both flowing at the same time as when running showers and sinks.
  • 2. HeatBank has a Drainergy inside a water tank. For the first time ever, this breakthrough invention allows waste heat to be both recycled immediately and, to be recovered and stored for later recycling. All liquid- and gas sources of waste heat from drainpipes, clothes dryers, wash machines, vents, and flues can be recycled. HeatBank recycles 24/7 all year long. And, most importantly, cold drainwater does not cool the heat stored in the always-refreshed water in the tank. 
  • 3. HeatClamp is half a Drainergy, one for horizontal, two for vertical. They are simply clamped onto a functioning metal drainpipe.


    All three are made and assembled without soldering, welding, heat, adhesives or fasteners  

        They are double-walled, and vented to the ambient to meet safety codes.

        They are made from widely available materials using low-skill labour and processes. 

        Manufacturing capital investment is minimal. Grants are widely available

Patent numbers: CDN 2,927,158; 2,742,075. USA 9,982,950; 10,816,272 (Oct 2020)

Prototypes and very detailed Know-how available.