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‘GreenBack’ Pays You Back for Reducing Climate Change and Pollution

Our most dangerous ‘criminal’ is our total waste of valuable heat-energy in used Hot Water. Everyday, everyone in every building everywhere drains it all away. Clothes dryers and other gas exhausts add to the waste. 

‍    Fact: we mostly use our hot water and heat our fresh cold water at the same times-of-day (e.g., 7am; 8pm). This is when peak-power demand occurs making energy the most expensive. Electric hot water tanks are 4,500 watt power monsters (a light bulb is ~60 watts).

Actual graph of power plant output

‍    In cities, at these same times-of-day, gas-burning hot water heaters in apartment and condo buildings, hotels, hospitals, schools, etc. collectively exhaust tons of hot, moist, acidic and toxic gases all together into a city’s morning air which starts the deadly morning smog. 

‍    Global warming, smog, pollution, carbon release, heated waterways, more power plants, peak-power plants, nuclear waste, coal mining….  to provide heat-energy that we continually waste as we drain our used hot water. Its CRIMINAl! 

One practical ‘now’ solution is to recycle that waste heat into heating cold water which speeds up water heaters, reduces global warming, and saves money, energy, power, time, pollution 24/7. Can;’t get much better than that. Talk about fast payback!

    GreenBack are high-performance, passive heat exchangers that recycle waste heat for free and forever. They supply warm water to a water heater, cold water tap, or to the whole cold water line. Pre-warming water using recycled waste heat reduces energy cost, waste and its pollution. And the water heats faster so the heater turns ‘off’ faster. Faster means fewer water heaters are all ‘on’ at the same time. That  reduces expensive peak-power demand, production costs, and transmission losses. And of course, deadly pollution and city smog. 

    All GreenBacks are non-powered, have no wearing parts, and require no maintenance. There are vertical and horizontal versions in any size for home or commercial building.

    There are three models:

1. Drainergy recycles heat when hot- and drain water flow at the same time as when showering. Can & US patents 

2. HeatClamp is half a Drainergy, one for horizontal, two for vertical. They are simply clamped onto a drainpipe.

3. HeatBank has a Drainergy inside a water tank. For the first time ever, recovered heat can be used immediately or stored for later reuse. All sources of waste heat from all drains, clothes dryers, wash machines, vents, and flues. HeatBank recycles 24/7 forever. And most importantly, cold drainwater cannot cool the recovered heat stored in the always-fresh water in the tank. US Patent #10,816,272 Oct 2020.

    All three GreenBacks are made and assembled without soldering/welding, adhesives or fasteners  

    They are double-walled, and vented to the ambient to meet safety codes.

    They are made from widely available materials using low-skill labour and processes. 

    Manufacturing capital investment is minimal. Grants are widely available.

Photos. Prototypes and very detailed Know-how are available.