Families use 250 liters (60 gal) of hot water/day totaling ~20 million Btu of energy/family/year

Apartments use 195 liters of hot water per day totaling ~15.6 million Btu/apartment/year

Hotel/Motel each suite uses 114 liters of hot water per day totaling ~9.2 million Btu/suite/year

Hospitals use 200 liters of hot water per bed per day totaling ~16 million Btu/bed/year

Laundromats use 153 liters of hot water per machine per day totaling ~12 million Btu/machine/year

Schools use 4.5 liters of hot water/student/day totaling ~0.143 million Btu/student/year

Restaurants use 10.5 liters of hot water per meal per day totaling ~0.36 million Btu/meal/year

Data from ASHRAE

from Consumer Report©:

2 gallons for shaving, 4 gallons for washing hands and face, 5 gallons for food preparation, 10 gallons for a dishwasher, 20 gallons for a 10-minute shower and 20 gallons for a load of laundry.

Typical household daily hot water consumption

Typical hot water consumption by building type


Btu means British Thermal Units. One pound of water requires one Btu to raise its temperature by one degree Fahrenheit.

One Kilowatt hour of electrical energy is the equivalent of 3,412 Btu of heat energy