Anatomy of a vertical Drainergy

The vertical model has a standard copper drainpipe with a shorter, full contact sleeve of rolled sheet copper with a gap. The outer housing is a standard plastic PVC tube/pipe with water fittings. Between the sleeve and the housings is an O-ring gasket that encloses the fresh water portion. Several washer-spacers have an outer notch for the gasket and inner notches to distribute the water into an even arcuate (annular) flow along the entire sleeve.

The horizontal model has an inner copper trough joined and sealed to an upper ABS pipe segment and a shorter outer trough of sheet copper. The outer housing is a standard PVC tube/pipe with water fittings in rotatable manifolds. Between the outer trough and the housings is an O-ring gasket that is compressed around the perimeter of the trough to seal the fresh water portion.

Optional FlowFeed at entrance to Drainergy ensures maximum wall coverage for fastest heat transfer

FlowFeed effect (as seen in dam level control)