The vertical model has a standard copper drainpipe with a grooved sheet copper sleeve. The outer housing is PVC with in-out water fittings. Between the sleeve and housings is a single O-ring gasket. The cold water flows tube-like and turbulent along the entire sleeve.

Canada Patent 2,742,075

US Patent 9,982,950 May 2018

Drainergy: models with transparent housings

The horizontal model has an lower copper concave strip sealed into recesses on each side of a gap in an ABS pipe. A second copper strip with rolled vent grooves is the double wall. The larger outer plastic housing has water fittings in rotatable manifolds. A spacer O-ring positioned between housing and copper is compressed on final assembly.

Patents pending

All materials are commonly available.

Fabrication requires only ordinary tools and skills.

No welding no soldering  no fasteners and no adhesives.