Works on horizontal or vertical metal drainpipes, preferably of copper. Includes a vented,  99.9% pure sheet copper double wall. The housing is part of a common plastic tube/pipe. Between the sleeve and housing is a single O-ring gasket. The cold water flows between wall and housing. One for horizontal, one or two for vertical drainpipes.

All materials are commonly available.

Fabrication requires only ordinary tools and skills.

No welding no soldering  no fasteners. Slide together assembly.

HeatClamp uses common hose clamps to attach it to an in-use drainpipe. One water fitting is visible. One HeatClamp for horizontal drainpipes, two for vertical.

In place and ready for clamps. Horizontal drainpipe is in use.  Cold water fittings are underneath in this picture. Hose clamps not shown.