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updated Feb 2018

Waste Heat Recovery Benefits Everyone

InCanada, the provinces of Ontario and Manitoba have mandated that all new homes must have shower heat recovery.


Climate Change offers big business opportunities. To reduce money, energy, power, pollution, and carbon in one product, would be the biggest opportunity.

Everyday everyone everywhere in every building, heats cold water to make it hot for all our washing needs. Then, all the hotwater drains to the sewer.

Why not recover some of the heat as it is draining, to pre-heat the new ‘cold hotwater’?

Until now Drainwater Heat Recovery (DHR) has been too expensive - all copper designs. And too market-restricted - only shower, only vertical.

Now our low-cost hybrid plastic-copper designs in both vertical and horizontal orientations finally make DHR economically practical.

In cities, millions of gas fuelled water heaters turn ‘on’ in unison at these times, each spewing out hot, moist, toxic exhaust gases that silently create deadly city smog,.

The equivalent electric water heaters drive up peak power demand and transmission losses/costs together making electricity some 50% more expensive. (Item 1, mid-page).