Hot Water Facts


USA Building Data from ASHRAE and the Web

Calculations used:

1 British Thermal Unit (Btu) raises the temperature of 1 pound of water 1 °F

1 liter of water weighs ~2.2 pounds.

1 liter raised avg. 63°F = 138 Btu @ avg. 76% heating efficiency= ~200 Btu)

100,000 Btu = 1 Therm @ $1.42

MW = Btu÷3218÷1,000,000 @ $14.20

Other = Correctional Facilities, Armed Forces, Nursing Homes/Retirement Centers, Cruise Industry, Catering Facilities, Food Trucks, Corporate Dining Facilities

Restaurant/Meals from:



A study from Harvard and Syracuse University calculates the decline in heart attacks and lung disease when soot and smog can save about 3,500 lives a year.

After mixing with water vapour and undergoing complex changes including oxidation, sulphur dioxide turns into sulphuric acid (H2SO4) and sulphate ions or sulphates (SO4). When these changes take place, some pollutants form acid precipitation, while others remain suspended in the air as dust or droplets.