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On-site Energy Storage for Everyone Saves Money, Energy, and the Environment

    Energy-wise, cold water takes the most energy to heat into the hot water everyone uses every day, in every building, everywhere, all life long. Then more than 350 billion kWh of heat energy per year (DOE) just drains away taking the money with it.

Power-wise, in any time zone, like traffic, we all mostly use hot water at the same-times-of-day (morning, noon, night). The long ‘on time’ of a water heater means that most heaters can be ‘on’ at the same time. With electric water heaters at 4,500 watts each, this creates the well-known peak in power demand which is some 50 percent of your bill.

Using gas to heat the cold water means millions together emit hot, moist, acidic exhaust creating dangerous city smog and global warming.

Environmental cost and consequences from the drilling, mining, fracking, transporting, pipelines, storage, leakage all add to the real societal cost of heating cold water. Then there’s the pollution (6.5 million deaths/year) from coal- gas- nuclear- and hydro power generating plants. Hot water may be the single largest polluter.

And while reducing our daily hot water use is probably not an option, reducing the energy needed to heat cold water absolutely is.

We have developed and offer for sale Drainergy and HeatBank are non-powered, low-cost, high-performance, vented, double-walled heat exchangers that use discarded waste heat to raise the temperature of all the fresh cold water prior to it entering the water heater. (IP protected, for sale/license.)

Drainergy is for Drainwater Heat Recovery (DHR) from showers and sinks. It plumbs in-line with any size drainpipe from a single sink to a hotel.

HeatBank uses a water tank for heat storage. All the fresh cold water flows through the tank then into the water heater. The special Drainergy inside allows only one-way-heat-transfer so it can recover and temporarily store heat at all times, from all sources, at all temperatures and not lose the stored heat to cold drainwater.

Showers, air/gas exhausts, tubs, washing/drying appliances, heat pumps, ventilators, refrigerators, even warm air and rain can all contribute to pre-heating all the cold water all the time. Being constantly used (and with the highest specific heat) fresh cold water is perfect for storing heat.

Every degree of 'free' preheating makes any water heater get ‘hot’ faster suppling more hot water on less energy. Faster also means that fewer are ‘on’ at the same time shaving peak power while reducing global warming and environmental damage. Plus everyone saves money everyday, everywhere all life long.

As for market potential, Manitoba and Ontario now mandate DHR in all new homes.

updated Oct 2017

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