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Energy Storage for Everyone Saves Money, Energy, and the Environment

    It takes heat energy to turn cold water into the hot water everyone uses, every day, in every building, everywhere, all life long. Its heat is then discarded. More than 350 billion kWh of heat energy per year (DOE) is drained away adding to global warming.

    We all mostly use that hot water at the same-times-of-day which causes most water heaters to be ‘on’ for some time at the same time. With each requiring 4,500 watts the result is an expensive peak in power demand (50 percent of your bill). If the cold water is heated by gas, hot, moist, acidic fumes are emitted at those same times which creates ground level smog and acrid pollution.

    The cost of that heat energy added to the costs of peak power, transmission losses, air pollution (6.5 million deaths/year), the environmental costs of other power sources, plus, the drained heat, and hot water may be our largest single global warmer.

    And while reducing our daily hot water use is probably not an option, reducing the energy needed to heat cold water absolutely is.

    Our newly developed Drainergy and HeatBank passive and low-cost heat exchangers, pre-heat all the cold water all the time using discarded heat that is recovered, stored and reused from one or more sources (such as showers, exhausts, tubs, washing/drying appliances, heat pumps, ventilators), with no heat loss to cold drainwater. This preheating allows heaters to get ‘hot’ faster on less energy, and, fewer are ‘on’ all at once which shaves peak power demand. Global warming and environmental damage are reduced and everyone saves money every day all life long.

Our two solutions

1. ”Drainergy” is low cost drainpipe heat exchanger for ‘normal’ drainwater heat recovery (DHR). it uses the draining hot water from showering to immediately pre-heat the incoming fresh cold water for the water heater which gets ‘hot’ faster and ‘turns off’ sooner reducing energy use which reduces the number that are ‘on’ thereby shaving peak power demand.

    In a world first, Drainergy uses inexpensive plastic for structure and copper only for heat exchange. It is easy to fabricate and its press together assemble also keeps cost down. The result is lower cost, higher performance, and faster payback. For complete safety it has a 99.9% pure-copper double wall which is vented to the ambient. There are vertical and horizontal models. More detail on web.

2. ”HeatBank” is another world first. It can recover waste heat from any and all sources including showers, sinks, tubs, wash machines, gas-air exhaust from clothes dryers, gas heaters, refrigerators, heat pumps, ventilators, even from summer rain.

    HeatBank is a reservoir of always fresh water that is connected to the water heater. It has a special Drainergy passing through it that is is connected to the cold water supply and to the waste heat sources which ‘deposit’ heat in the ‘bank’ at any time where it is stored until ‘withdrawn’ by the water heater whenever hot water is used.                                                                                                  

    The breakthrough that makes all this possible is the special Drainergy: it is a one-way-only-heat-exchanger so cold drainwater can’t ‘steal’ the stored heat.

    More heat added yields more savings, more benefits and faster payback. More detail at links below.


The Drainergy and HeatBank Patents, Prototypes, Tooling, and Know-how are for Sale-License.

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updated June 2017