1. Beautifully practical

  2. Ultra hygienic. No liquid-to-wood contact

  3. Wood and stainless steel with plastic cut-on insert

  4. Insert is instantly removable and reversible

  5. All corners radiused

  6. Wipe-clean wood surface (not oiled)

  7. Insert of wood or plastic or special

  8. Insert is dishwasher safe

  9. Water-tight drawer for waste, off-cuts

  10. Also accepts plastic waste bag

  11. Squeegee wiper in air-dry holder

  12. Safe-edge knife holder

  13. Fixed over-drawer wiper (very handy)

  14. Accessories shelf

  15. Convenient surface recesses

  16. Slide-out absorbent mat (not shown)

  17. Fast access tool storage

  18. Light weight

  19. Finger end grooves for carrying

  20. Separable pin-locked top-bottom

  21. Patented

Unique Features

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