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updated Feb 2018

The Reasons Why Waste Heat Recovery

Benefits Everyone

In Ontario and Manitoba all new homes must have shower heat recovery.


As solar energy generation and battery energy storage come on strong and global warming remains front page news, Climate Change solutions are big business opportunities.

A bug in the solar-battery scenario is the cold water heater. Its the largest electrical load at 220 volts-4,500 watts that drives peak demand, Compounding the bug is the fact that most hot water is used after sunset and before sunrise when there is no solar energy. So big expensive batteries are needed to meet the heater’s demand. If the heater is gas fired, it releases huge volumes of exhaust that leads to city smog and pollution. Both heater types contribute massively to global warming.

Heat recovery is the bug killer

Heat recovery pre heats the cold water using no new energy so 110 volts can be used to cut the load in half. The lowered electrical cost will allow dumping the gas heater altogether.

Recycling waste heat is well known to lower costs, smog, global warming, pollution, energy use, peak power demand, transmission losses, and habitat damage. The benefits are Massive. But it has been too expensive (~$1,000/home) and too restricted (only shower, only vertical) until now.

Massive because everyday, everywhere, in every building, everyone, every morning noon and night, heats cold water to make it hot - these are the ‘water heater rush-hours’ when millions of gas burners turn ‘on’ at the same time and spew out hot, moist, toxic exhaust. They silently create city smog, pollution and global warming, all damaging to our health and the environment, while the high-power demand of electric water heaters make power plants do the same. These water heater rush hours also drive peak power demand making the generating and transmitting of electricity some 50% more expensive (Item 1, mid-page).

Then, almost unbelievably, the millions of gallons/litres of hot water is drained to the rivers and earth damaging valuable habitat along the way and further adding to global warming.

Our advanced heat recovery devices makes more hot water faster and cheaper and reduce all those bad daily rush-hour effects. A win win win win…..  technology.

Drainergy (patent+pat pend). plumbs in-line with any existing vertical or horizontal drainpipe of any size - from a sink to a house to a hotel.

HeatBank (pat pend) can also store the heat from all sources including showers, sinks, dish and clothes washers, clothes dryers, tubs, vents of dryers, heat pumps, ventilators, refrigerators, burner exhausts, etc. The breakthrough is one-way-only heat transfer so cold drainwater can’t cool the stored heat while it waits to enter the water heater whenever hot water is being used.

HeatClamp (pat pend) attaches to the exterior of existing drainpipes, vertical or horizontal, while they remain in use.

All are are non-powered, non-blocking, double-walled and vented for absolute safety, are maintenance free and offer silent savings for decades.

They use a plastic housing to lower cost and use all of their copper for fast heat transfer to raise performance by recovering more energy at lower cost resulting in shorter payback time.

Fabrication requires to simply roll a rectangle of sheet copper into a cylinder. No special tooling, no heat, no soldering, welding, or brazing, no fasteners no adhesives. Assembly is by push fit. All details have been resolved. Prototypes and patents/applications are available.