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updated Feb 2018

The Reasons Why Waste Heat Recovery

Benefits Everyone

In Ontario and Manitoba all new homes must have shower heat recovery.


Climate Change offers big business opportunities. For example, our daily hot water use has a massive carbon, pollution, energy and financial footprint. It drives peak power demand while producing deadly smog, and damage to our environment.

Drainwater heat recovery can make a big difference but it has been too expensive (all copper) and too restricted (only shower, only vertical) until now. Our three unique hybrid plastic-copper designs cost less, perform better and install vertically and/or horizontally making for a vastly broader market.

Everyone everyday everywhere, in every building, heats cold water briefly every morning noon and night to supply our showers, sinks and appliances. Millions of gas burners turn ‘on’ at these times and in unison spew out hot, moist, toxic exhaust silently creating deadly city smog,. The equivalent electric water heater make power plants emit more of the same while driving up peak power demand and cost when electricity is some 50% more expensive (Item 1, mid-page).

Here are our three solutions:

‘Drainergy’ (patent+pat pend). plumbs in-line with any existing vertical or horizontal drainpipe of any size - from a sink to a house to a hotel.

‘HeatClamp’ (pat pend) attaches to the exterior of existing drainpipes, vertical or horizontal, while they remain in use.

‘HeatBank’ (pat pend) is a ‘Drainergy’ that has heat storage so as well as showers and sinks, dish and clothes washers, clothes dryers, tubs, vents of dryers, heat pumps, ventilators, refrigerators, burner exhausts, etc. can all add heat to save more. It has a breakthrough one-way-only heat transfer feature so that cold drainwater doesn’t cool the stored heat while it waits to enter the water heater at every hot water use.

They are are non-powered, non-blocking, double-walled and vented for absolute safety, are maintenance free and offer silent savings for decades.

They use a plastic housing to lower cost and use all of their copper for fast heat transfer to raise performance by recovering more energy at lower cost resulting in shorter payback time.

Fabrication requires to simply roll a rectangle of sheet copper into a cylinder. No special tooling, no heat, no soldering, welding, or brazing, no fasteners no adhesives. Assembly is by push fit. All details have been resolved. Prototypes and patents/applications are available.