In the growing world-wide drive to save our environment, we offer two devices for waste heat recovery that lower heating costs and global warming.

Drainergy plumbs in-line with an existing vertical or horizontal drainpipe from a single sink or a whole building. It works when fresh cold- and hot drain water are both flowing through as when showering or running a sink.

HeatBank has a special Drainergy inside a storage tank filled with the very fresh cold water destined for the water heater. Waste heat from all sources and at all times heats the cold water. Sources can include showers, air/gas exhausts, tubs, washing/drying appliances, heat pumps, ventilators, refrigerators, and more. The special Drainergy is designed with one-way-only-heat-transfer. This allows cold drainwater to also flow through without taking stored heat with it. A world first.

The two inventions (with IP) use plastic where there is no heat transfer lowering material costs. For fast heat transfer with minimal pressure drop. a vented double safety wall is rolled from 99.9% pure sheet copper and is in high-pressure, full thermal contact with the copper drainpipe, and is in turbulent contact with the fresh water

Drainergy has five components - A standard plastic tube with side water fittings, a standard copper drainpipe, a copper safety sleeve, plastic washer-spacers, and an O-ring. In HeatBank a unique floating, sheet plastic convection flap valve is added.