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~30,000 times a day our nose can inhale some invisible viruses.

from Oxford University:

"The best way to neutralize viruses is before they can enter inside human cells but are only on the external surface of epithelial cells that line and produce mucus in the lungs, nose, and mouth."

MyDose is the common nasal spray bottle (nebulizer) with the addition of a drop-in tube that limits the squeeze.

As a result, the MyDose bottle can only spray, and only a small dose per squeeze. (The original bottle can squirt raw liquid.)

MyDose is cheap, convenient and easily refilled with safe, natural 1%-3% Peroxide. Spray in front  of nose before and after shopping, schools crowds, and at first sniffle/sneeze to neutralize Cold, Covid, Flu viruses and prevent infection. 

Affordable worldwide. 

3% Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) (‘Peroxide’ or ‘Oxygenated Water’) has long been in widespread use. It’s  97% pure water (H2O) with 3% pure Oxygen (O). It can be further diluted with water.

Peroxide evaporates completely leaving no residue, no film no deposit, zero, unlike all other disinfectants.

(Peroxide resources:

The iDose bottle can also be used for higher value liquids such as perfumes, deodorants, fresheners, colognes, after shaves, etc., and for future nasal vaccines. Recyclable.

International patents can be applied for.  


Recent research

Inactivation of rabies virus by hydrogen peroxide.

Abd-Elghaffar AA 1 ,

This study aimed to investigate the ability of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) to irreversibly inactivate rabies virus without affecting its antigenicity and immunogenicity in pursuit of finding safe, effective and inexpensive alternative inactivating agents. H2O2 3% rapidly inactivated a Vero cell adapted fixed rabies virus strain designated as FRV/K within 2h of exposure without affecting its antigenicity or immunogenicity. No residual infectious virus was detected and the H2O2-inactivated vaccine proved to be safe and effective when compared with the same virus harvest inactivated with the classical inactivating agent βPL. Mice immunized with H2O2-inactivated rabies virus produced sufficient level of antibodies and were protected when challenged with lethal CVS virus. These findings reinforce the idea that H2O2 can replace βPL as inactivating agent for rabies virus to reduce time and cost of inactivation process.


Who am I? 

A private Canadian inventor with 100+ patents.  

I have made everybody physically safer by developing, patenting and selling the technology which made possible the world’s safest brakes for cars and trucks that have sold by the Billions worldwide.  


LABEL TEXT on store-bought bottles.

Medicinal ingredient: Hydrogen peroxide 3% [pure water 97% for total evaporation].

Quote from label: 

Use: Buccal [mouth] use to cleanse minor wounds or minor gum inflammation resulting from minor dental procedures, dentures, orthopaedic appliances. accidental injury or other minor irritations of the mouth or gums.


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