SuperFin Structural Heat Exchanger PatPend for sale or JV

Under construction. Please check back.


Light, fastQ, strong, slim, cheap, simple, battery supporting heat exchanger.

* SuperFins bent at cuts-notches to self-stand on enclosure floor.

* battery weight immobilizes fins provides high thermal conductance

* no frame, housing, fittings, joints. 

* no fasteners, welds, or adhesives.

* high Q from large contact conductance and forced convection surface areas, free of boundary-laminar layer.

* can be concentrated beneath hot areas.

* air flow freely distributable as to direction and turbulence.

* battery weight provides high ‘thermal contact conductance’ into all flanges.

* scaleable to any size enclosure.

* design acts as an anechoic chamber for noise reduction. 

* select areas can be damped and/or blanked off.

* can have horizontal dividers to create separate upper and lower flow zones.


* perforated Aluminum strips any number and size, with plain upper margin. 

* margin is flanged for load and heat transfer. 

* flange is slit and/or notched at intervals and hand bent so they self-stand. 

* freely arranged on enclosure floor where battery weight immobilizes them.

Top view of enclosure floor partially populated with Air or Immersion -SuperFins- to show their versatility of placement and density.

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